Edgeland Nottingham

I was recently looking through all the photos I took during my 4 years living in Nottingham to see if I could come up with some kind of series out of them. After cutting it down to all the black & white images that turned out reasonably I had just over 200 photos so I needed to come up with some more specific ideas. One theme I tend to shoot a lot is where nature meets the built environment, which lead me to put together this series. I got the title, and some inspiration, from Robin Friend’s Bastard Countryside (watch this video for a good introduction).

Edgeland Nottingham 01

Portfolio III - 2018

Having finished my last portfolio at the end of 2017 I can now start doing them yearly, so this one covers 2018. This includes two trips to the Canary islands, one to Gran Canaria in March and another to Fuerteventura in December as well as another long trip around Asia in the summer.

Campus Lights

As an astronomy student and hobbyist, light pollution has sort of become my environmental issue of choice. Not only is it an annoyance to astronomers, but also damaging to wildlife as well as our health and is a large energy sink. I have taken particular notice of the amount of light pollution on my university’s campus lately as I am back living on campus after 2 years of living elsewhere, and my dissertation involves using the telescope on the roof of the physics building. This is a university that seems to boast about being green but seems to ignore this aspect of the environment.

Burmese Dogs

"The pariah curs were baying the moon - it was only a quarter full and nearly down by midnight, but the dogs slept all day in the heat, and they had begun their moon-choruses already"
- George Orwell

Portfolio II

This set of images begins where the last portfolio leaves off and primarily shows my travels during the summer of 2017, with the last image being the only one outside of that. I have again chosen to stick to black and white images taken with my Hasselblad for consistency, and because it’s what I primarily use. I am planning on doing one of these with the colour photos that I’ve taken since I started shooting square format.

Qingdao Diptych

Moon Over Qingdao Huiquan Cape

This is a pair of photos that I took from the top floor of a pagoda in 小鱼山公园 (Xiaoyushan park, or Little Fish Hill Park) in Qingdao, China.